Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Alpine Strawberry vs. The Traditional Garden Varieties

The Alpine Strawberry is one that has it's on unique qualities and characteristics. It's delightful sweet taste and an inviting fragrant puts it in a class of it's own. Relatively easy to grow, they can add beauty to your edible landscape and to your garden.

Alpine Strawberries are larger than the wild strawberry you see growing freely in woodlands, on the side of roads and even in yards, but still considerable smaller than the the modern hybrids you purchase from the local garden center, that most are use too. They are well worth growing, their delicate, succulent flavor is a treat that is like no other strawberry. With these berries, you won't get a huge crop, but they do fruit continuously throughout the growing season.

There are varieties of the alpine strawberry that don't send out runners as aggressively as the traditional hybrid strawberry, making them easy to maintain. They are plants that will reseed themselves and readily. Preferring partial shade, at least 4 hours, they will grow into a compact plant about 10 inches high and spread about 8 inches wide. A good healthy organic soil structure, full of organic matter will have these strawberry plants thriving, along with mulching to keep the soil moist, suppress weeds and protect there shallow root system.

Coming in varieties that range in colors from white, yellow to red. These strawberries can be as much of a treat for wildlife like birds as they will be for you and a great choice to be used as a ground cover along walkways or even around trees in your landscape.

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