Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lily and Daffodil Garden

Creating a new garden with daffodils and lilies that you already have growing in your yard is easy to do. They are both plants that are easy to divide and replant. I have these plants growing in several location around my yard and they are starting to get to crowded. Time to dig them up and start a new garden.

I picked a location that is on a slope, not an easy place to mow and keep maintained. A good location to plant flowers. It gets sun a good part of the day and the soil in that area stays moist. This picture as taken early morning before the sun was fully up. I am going to plant a combination of lilies and daffodils there to start.

First I have to remove all the weeds and sod that is growing in the area. Then I mixed in a generous amount of compost to improve the soils structure. Once I finished mixing the compost in I raked it level and laid out the lilies I dug from one of my other gardens.

Once I got the lilies planted, I took handfuls of daffodil bulbs that I also dug from another garden and through them between the lilies and planted them where they landed. It adds a more natural look than spacing them in a line of pattern.

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