Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Importance Of A Good Healthy Soil In Your Garden

It is almost time to get out and start planting here in New England. Yes, there are a few cold weather crops that can be started, but the major part of the planting is still a month away. There are still things that can be done to prepare your garden so that the crops you plant will be healthy and productive.

Soil is the key factor in having a healthy and productive garden. To achieve this takes time and patience. Testing your garden soil and adding the proper soil amendments is a very important part of organic gardening and this is the time to do it. Gardeners that don't apply organic methods to there gardening practices plant there crops and feed them chemical nutrients to force them to thrive and at the same time harm the natural methods that are already in your soil waiting to get feed with organic matter to produce these nutrients naturally.

Composting is a simple and basic method of turning your organic household and yard waste into useful nutrient rich humus that will greatly benefit your gardens, whether they be vegetable, flower or herb gardens. Even though this method can be applied by fairly basic means, once you start studying it you will see it is a very complex science behind this incredible process.

Over the next few weeks I am going to be getting more indepth into this subject and add a lot of useful information on how you can improve your gardens soil by using the method of composting. All these articles that I add to my website will also be available through my accounts on twitter and

I hope this information will be useful to you and help you provide you with the knowelege you need to apply composting to your gardening practices and GO Organic!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Soil - The Most Overlooked Part Of A Garden

The one thing that is overlooked in a garden and lawns is the soil. Soil is the key to having successful plant growth, whether it be your lawn or in your garden. The common practice by most is to study there plants and give them a quick fix of nutrients by the use of chemical fertilizers to make them look healthy and green, this does nothing for the soil. Organic gardening is a method of gardening that builds a healthy soil with all the nutrients the plants need to survive naturally and without the use of chemicals.

When using this method of gardening, the soil food web is what needs to be maintained to have a healthy successful plant growth. It is what feeds the organisms in the soil to keep them alive and working hard for you to maintain a good soil structure. Chemical fertilizers are only a fast fix and can harm the soil along with killing off the beneficial complex community if life that lives in your yard or gardens soil.

Studying your soil along with watching the way nature supplies nutrients to plants naturally is a what organic gardening is about. Testing your yard or gardens soil is very important in knowing what is needed and how much soil amendments are needed to improve the soils structure that you are working with. There are tests that are simple to do yourself and that will give you a better understanding on how soil works. To improve your soils structure you should know what you are working with. The soils texture is what will classify the type of soil that you have. It is a simple test that can be done with a sample of your soil, a jar and some water.

Once you have the results of the test you will know what is needed to improve your soils structure. Other tests that also can be done easily with test kits that can be purchased online or at your local garden centers will let you know what the soils ph level is and the amount of nutrients that are presently in the soil. Not all crops grow there best in the same soil conditions. Knowing your plants and the environment that they do best in will greatly benefit you in having a high yielding productive garden.

Organic gardening is a healthy method of gardening, for both you and the environment.